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Whether it's a characterful farmhouse, historic country estate or a Grand Designs-esque architectural gem, unique homes are an absolute joy for estate agents. Yet, it has to be said that when it comes to selling, these special properties require some extra special marketing.

The bad news? A traditional estate agent is unlikely to do the job. The good news? A unique estate agent is out there, ready and waiting to sell your property. This agent is one who adopts an innovative approach; embracing modern marketing and providing a positive, personalised experience.

Even better? You don't need to look any further! At Morgan Aps, we offer the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, putting us in the ideal position to sell homes that are wonderfully unique. Most importantly, we give each property the individualised attention it deserves.

The main advantage that we have over a traditional estate agent is the way we think; we understand that the conventional high street business model is waning, and we aren't afraid to embrace fresh new ideas. That's not to say that we disregard the tried and tested methods, but that we welcome progression. In other words, we offer the best of both worlds.

When it comes to choosing your estate agent, there are two main questions you need to ask:

  1. Do they have the expert skills and knowledge to successfully market my property? This is especially important when it comes to the saturated world of Rightmove, when it is essential that your home stands out from the crowd.
  2. Will I have a good experience working with them?  You want an estate agent who offers a highly personal service and has an enthusiastic approach.

The unique estate agent will tick both boxes; offering clever marketing strategies and working to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

First impressions are everything

It's true that first impressions count! From that very first 'Hello' you'll get a sense of how personable, enthusiastic and helpful an estate agent is. If your first phone call is answered with a downbeat 'Hi', you'll most likely see red warning flags!           

For this reason, if you've found a prospective estate agent online and thought that their website was promising, the next step is to make contact. You'll want to speak to the team to get a sense of whether you're likely to enjoy working with them.

If their phone manner passes the test, it's time to check out their portfolio and see how that speaks to you. If you head onto Rightmove, what's your first impression of the estate agent's listed properties? Poor images and generic, badly written descriptions aren't a good sign and indicate a lack of effort.

A good estate agent will be dedicated to creating listings that stand out, for each and every property they are selling. This means professional photography and a brilliant write-up which highlights your home's best features.



First impressions are everything

Experts with enthusiasm

When it comes to selling homes in a crowded market, knowledge and experience are essential, while enthusiasm is a welcome bonus. You want an estate agent with an in depth understanding of the local area, but also one who shows passion and excitement.

Estate agents should enjoy talking all-things house and be happy to touch base with you during the selling process, offering reassurance and guidance when necessary. The very best estate agents will do this with a smile on their face.

Selling your home can be a lengthy process and there's no denying that it can be stressful at times; don't settle for an estate agent who doesn't care! You want to find one whose dedication is palpable and who leaves no stone unturned to ensure a successful sale.  

A personal approach

You might know how special your home is but unfortunately, that doesn't help to sell it! You need to get the message across to potential buyers; as we've discussed, clever marketing is key to capturing people's attention.

An estate agent should wow you with their forward-thinking approach. Forget lacklustre property listings on an overly crowded website, you want to see creativity. Whether it's through fantastic images or engaging copy, the personality of your home should shine through.

Not only should your estate agent's marketing instil confidence in you, but their approach should be highly personal. You want to be provided with a bespoke marketing strategy that's as unique as the home you're selling. From that initial conversation to the all-important sale, you should feel valued as an individual – never as 'just another client'.


A personal approach


So, if you are selling your special home and want a unique agent we would love to hear from you.    

Just call us on 01905 384848 or drop us a line at and we’ll help get you on the move.


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